BAT 2001 photos
Awards Ceremony 1
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Stefan Fatsis starts off the ceremony selecting a winner in each division for the Freakiest Word.
Winners will receive an autographed copy of his book in June/July.

Pretty well-attended prize ceremony!

Elyse Fox picks up her Mary Lou Thurman tile bag prize from Amber Edley, the prize assistant.

John Chew laughing his way through understanding Sherrie's penmanship.

Traveling the furthest distance (Mountain View, CA, to Wakefield, MA, 3,149.3 miles) to attend
the tournament, Paula Catanese, wins a Mary Lou Thurman round gear bag that says BAT 2001.

John Chew shows off Diana Spiller's SCRABBLE®-inspired pottery, awarded to the two best
Spring Word winners (Ann Sanfedele and Chris Guilbert).