BAT 2001 photos
Buffet Dinner 2
page six

Who better than Judy Horn to blow out the anniversary candles? She's been to every single BAT since
they began 20 years ago! Now that is some committment to the event!

Montreal players: Bert Tellone, Sary Karanofsky, Anita Rackham, Barbara Bultz, Fran Silver, and
Bernard Gotlieb.

Stacia Camp, Vivienne Muhling, Ida Ann Shapiro, David Lovler, and Terri Karpel.

Lynn Cushman and Robin Pollock Daniel (only photo I had of Lynn, so I had to use it!).

Lisa Odom and Rita Norr.

Dorothy Siegel, Hilda Siegel (I'm told they are no relation), and Hilda's husband, Ted.