BAT 2010

29th Annual Boston Area Tournament

Saturday Evening: Who Wants To Be A Hundredaire?

Hosted by Bruce Adams
8:30 PM in the Concord Room

One of the smartest and funniest players in all of SCRABBLE, Bruce Adams, will host his fantastic trivia show for us this year at BAT. A total of 16 players (who play in four rounds of four players each) answer trivia questions that range from Broadway to geography/books/sports/music and pass by SCRABBLE on their clever way to being the funnest questions ever!

Bruce has been hosting a night of this fun game show at the annual Green Mountain SCRABBLE challenge (Jane Whitmore's Essex, VT, annual event--look for the 5th annual this November!). Thanks to Jane for letting us use the idea at BAT 2010!

Please join us!

Bruce writes, "This year's BAT will feature Bruce Adams hosting his allegedly popular and occasionally entertaining game show, Who Wants to be a Hundredaire, on Saturday night. It's your opportunity to show how little you know while being mocked by your peers who are too afraid to play. It costs ten dollars to play, and the game is limited to 16 players. If you are interested, be one of the first 16 people to Email Bruce:".

Sixteen slots and they are already filled up! Bruce is maintaining a waiting list, so contact him if you want to play and if there are dropouts, you may get in!

  1. Diane Firstman
  2. Norma Marshall
  3. Frank Tangredi
  4. Jake Bergmann
  5. Linda Wancel
  6. Sue Gable (replaced by Jason Idalski)
  7. Judy Cole
  8. Judy Horn
  9. Joel Horn (replaced by Sal Piro)
  10. Quincy Cerabino-Hess
  11. Jeffrey Nelson
  12. Shelley Stevens Ubeika (replaced by Sam Kantimathi)
  13. Puneet Sharma
  14. Steve Moniz
  15. Lauren Mandell
  16. Jason Keller