Eastern SCRABBLE® Championships
February 2001
page seven

Gene Rawlins enjoys his alphabet soup.

Marjorie Bash and Marjorie Jones flank Gwen Szent Gyorgyi.

Amazing game on a beautiful board owned by Marlon Hill.

Pretty in pink! Yolanda Ushrey vs. Anthony Famularo (div 3).

Talk about bad luck! Muriel Sparrow Reedy turns over three tiles in an overdraw: ?, E, and S.
I wonder which one she threw back into the bag? Probably NOT the E!

New York babes: Pam Grazette and Sheree Bykofsky (div 2).

Gordon Richardson vs. Ed Neugroschl (div 2).

Carolyn Mulqueen vs. Mary Lou Graham (div 4).

Marie Puma vs. Mic Barron and Steve Dennis vs. Alan Kraus (div 2).