Gregg's Party Photos
Sunday, page 10

And on tambourine: Diane Chandler.

Shining Star, Lauri Foster, making beautiful music with a borrowed mandolin.

Michael St. John on drums, Carol Foster on tambourine, Lindy Foster on maraca-like percussion instrument, and Rip Cronk on tea cup!

Allison Wilcox on Pez dispenser, Cycle & Kaley Wilcox on hum, Jill St. John on drums, Diane Chandle on harmony, Lauri Foster on mandolin, and Gregg on guitar.

Lead guitarist: Gregg Foster.

Allison trying her hand out on the maraca-like percussion instrument.

Jill St. John and Allison Wilcox on plastic flute.

Lauri and Gregg giving their bleeding fingers a rest (note beautiful new fondue pot in foreground!).