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Team Tournament 1999
Final Results

Noncash prize winners were awarded prizes--Hasbro games (new Deluxe SCRABBLE, standard SCRABBLE, Travel SCRABBLE, and Pictionary), bags of SCRABBLE goodies (thimble, gum, and pin), and a Christmas tile bag (made by Judy Horn)--and they were called up by random draw (to equalize the distribution of prizes).

We tried to spread the wealth by limiting the prizes to one per person. It mostly worked, but some people slipped through and got two! :)

Distance Prize
          Roz Grossman         Israel

High Bingo
Div 1   Rose Kreiswirth     PIROQUE   131
         (he got another prize: Richard Buck/STEADIER/149)

Div 2   Roberta Wechter   QUIPPERS   101
          (other prizes: Keith Hagel/FILTHIER/101, Charlie Merlis/RETCHING/101)

High Non-Bingo
Div 1 Jeremy Frank SEQUEL 84

Div 2 Judy Steward DINGO 64

High Win (prizes for winners and their opponents)
Div 1 Steve Tier 572/ John Venditti

Div 2 Keith Hagel 519/ Sandy Finkelstein

High Loss (prizes for winners and their opponents)
Div 1 Richard Buck 456/ Jack Eichenbaum 482

Div 2 Dorothy Luckey 405/ Lois Cappellano 411

Low Win (prizes for winners and their opponents)
Div 1 Mike Cudak 323/ Gregg Foster           314

Div 2 Donna Fuchsluger 312/ Mary Ellen Bergeron 298

Consolation Prize
Div 1 Mike Cudak

Div 2 Anna Picozzi

Best Thanksgiving Word
Alan Raczka       TURKEY       a vibrating, gobbling stuffed turkey prize
                some others that were submitted (no comment on category suitability):

Board Winners
Division 1
Board 4 Mark DiBattista 10-2 376 $25
Board 3 Jeremy Frank 8-4 234 $25
Board 2 Jack Eichenbaum 7-5 691 $25
Board 1 Mark Fidler* 8-4 135 $25
  *(bottom seed on board 1 in Division 1!)
Division 2
Board 4 Keith Hagel 12-0 1563 $25

Board 3 Jane Clark 10-2 693 $25

Board 2 Donna Fuchsluger 8-4 -160 $25

Board 1 Charlie Melis 9-3 561 $25

Team Winners
Division 1
Second place: $80 ($20 per person)

Extra Strength Tile'n All 7.5 points/27 wins

Board 1 Rose Kreiswirth

Board 2 Jack Eichenbaum

Board 3 Steve Tier

Board 4 Pam Grazette

FIRST PLACE WINNERS: $200 ($50 per person)

The Blypes* 8.5 points/30 wins

Board 1 Richard Buck

Board 2 Steve Oliger

Board 3 Jeremy Frank

Board 4 Mark DiBattista

*(described by Team Captain Richard Buck as meaning "a shred," as in they whipped their opponents to shreds.)

Division 2
Second place:       $80 ($20 per person)

Words of a Feather       7.5 points/28.5 wins

Board 1       Lois Cappellano

Board 2       Ellen Leonard

Board 3       Judy Steward

Board 4       Neva Slater

FIRST PLACE WINNERS: $200 ($50 per person)

Scrabble Addax 10 points/39 wins (out of a total of 48!)

Board 1 Charlie Merlis

Board 2 Donna Fuchsluger

Board 3 Jane Clark

Board 4 Keith Hagel

(It is worth noting that this team was so superb, they won EVERY best board prize for division 2, too!)

Best Team Name
Annagrammas Anagrandkid $80 ($20 per person)
(Ellen Miller, Hilda Siegel, Concepta Siembab, Leland Fidler)

The other team records:
Division 1
place points wins name (team members)
3. 5 23 Bingo Starrs (M. Fidler, E. Patterson, D. Firstman, G. Foster)
4. 4.5 19 Blank Expressions (J. Horn, E. Neugroschl, J. Venditti, R. Grossman)
5. 4 21 MADD without U (D. Slauenwhite, D. Carlson, A. Newell, M. Cudak)

Division 2
place points wins name (team members)
3. 5.5 20 Captain Hook and Crew (M.E. Bergeron, A. Raczka, R. Wechter, A. Fowler)
4. 3.5 16.5 CWM-QATS (D. Luckey, A. Picozzi, S. Finkelstein, F. Gula)
5. 3.5 16 Anagrammas Anagrankid (E. Miller, H. Siegel, C. Siembab, L. Fidler)

see you next year!
sherrie saint john
judy horn
tournament directors

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