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2001 Boston-Area Tournament
20-22 April 2001
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Handicappers and SCRABBLE® fans alike are cordially invited to join us this April as we put together a very special 20th anniversary Rotisserie Pool at the Boston Area SCRABBLE® Tournament. Quite frankly, it's the most fun $10 can buy you (south of the Canadian border, anyway).

The rules are simple: You pick two players from each of the Premier, A, and B divisions. One of your selections must be from the "top half" of the division, and one from the bottom half. Don't worry, we'll have those halves clearly marked for you as the entrant list becomes finalized.

If your picks do well, you do well! The Rotisserie entry that collects the most wins will take home a generous first prize; additional prizes will be determined by how big the overall pool is, but I can virtually guarantee 4-5 prizes at minimum. All entry fees collected will be returned as prizes.

Pick your friends, pick your favorites, or, if you have enough confidence, pick yourself! If your selections pan out, you'll be rewarded with fame, glory, groupies, and lots of cash.

Simply put, this year's pool will be larger, more publicized and organized, and certainly will offer more fun and more prizes than ever before. Last year's pool had a mere 18 players; I can assure you we'll have at least double that; I'd like to in fact triple the number. We'll see.

Keep your eyes peeled to this page, as we'll continue to update you with rules, regulations, and scores in progress when the actual tournament begins.

Rotisserie FAQ

Q. I'm not playing at the Boston Area Tournament this year. Can I still
participate in the Rotisserie?

A. Absolutely; we're going to try to recruit as many "remote" players as
possible, to give the pool a truly national (or international) feel. And if your
mom or your boyfriend wants to play, they're welcome to join us as well.

Of course, you are heartily encouraged to play in the tournament if you can.
This year's event has many exciting changes,which are detailed on the flyer.

Q. Can I have more than one Rotisserie entry (sheet)?

A. Players have often picked two sheets in the past, allowing them
to cover more bases, and root for more players. Trust us, it's addictive. And
even if you play twice, it's still a bargain at $20.
If you want to play more than twice, we won't stop you. If you want to
play five or more sheets, though, we refer you to Gambler's Anonymous.

Q. How much of the entry fees are going towards prizes?

A. All of it, 100 percent. We are not taking any cut for running this
pool. Isn't life great?

Q. Who won the Rotisserie last year?

A. Stephen (Moca) Moniz. His winning entry consisted of Jan Dixon, Rod
MacNeil, himself (hint, hint!), and Barbara Peters. The pool last year didn't
include the Premiere division as part of the Rotisserie, but we've corrected
that omission this year.
We have no idea why he's called Moca, by the way.

Q. Should I pick myself?

A. We think it's more fun if you include yourself on your team, though
you are not obligated to do so. One other thing: you'll find it's quite an
ego boost when other people pick you for their teams; that's just one reason
why this is so much darn fun.

Q. Anything else I should know?

A. One other side project that may or may not get off the ground is a
totally separate Draft League, where hardcore handicappers (are you
listening, Geary?) would get their chance to match wits with me and a few
other people in an open draft of the entire Boston Area pool. Unlike the
normal Rotisserie, where everyone could, say, pick Brian Cappelletto . . . in
the Draft League, each NSA player would be on just ONE roster.

This is something I'd like to do on the side, but it's not the main
thrust of the Rotisserie. If you're interested in doing a Draft League with
yours truly and others (I'd do it for any size of players, big or small),
please email me and let me know.

That's the skinny for now. Keep this page bookmarked for additional
info as we approach April's Tournament. Good day, and good handicapping.

contact Scott Pianowski at

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