BAT 2010

29th Annual Boston Area Tournament

Players Seeking Roommates/Rides



Out of courtesy to others who may have to incur a financial obligation or, worse, be unable to attend, please take these ride share commitments seriously.

Jack Eichenbaum ( writes: "I will be in Boston/Cambridge for business early on the afternoon of Friday 4/15. Can I get to the Westford hotel by public transportation or, even better, could you hook me up with a ride? I can go anywhere on the MTA and be ready anytime after 3 or 4 pm or possibly sooner."

Ryan Fischer writes: "I'm looking for someone to help me get to and from the BOS airport to the BAT tourney site.I'm considering renting a car. For anyone who's interested in going in on this with me, it'd be a great way to get there conveniently, and we'd have the added bonus of being able to travel offsite* (toffies) during the tournament. Likewise, if you're already organizing a carpool and have room for another, please contact me privately, name your price and whatnot. :) Friday I get in at 1:52 PM and my departing flight is scheduled for 8 PM Sunday. Email: ryan at onomatopoeia dot biz

Deborah Gaudier ( writes: "My flight into BOS arrives 4:17 p.m.   Anyone arriving at about the same time and want to share a ride? Also, after the tournament, I want to get to Jamaica Plain to visit my daughter.  She could drive all the way to Westford, but it would be really nice if someone is heading in that general direction and would be willing to drop me off somewhere closer to Jamaica Plain."

Shelley Ubeika writes," Arriving in Logan, Thursday, at 1:00, will share shuttle ride with anyone else arriving then."